13 February 2013

:: The Last Letter ::

The last letter:

Now, I was at a point that its existence is not I want.
I feel alone. friend who always accompany sharing no longer on the side.
Maybe I'm too sensitive or maybe I feel has been lost.
I had to hone back a feeling.
I miss, miss when we sit and joke together.
Yeah, I had to re-arrange my feelings.
Reforming the feeling when I see your eyes twinkle.
Meaning that I interpret too much. I interpret the meaning is sometimes fade swallowed time, even as like a mirage.
However, of all these feelings, I learned the meaning of perseverance and a God who taught me that the woman is a creature of strong and tough.
I'm too far to interpret the sentence by sentence that you send to me.
I'm too far to interpret the meaning of hope, and I mean a sight too much eye relief and a line said "what are you doing love?" I've received at nightfall.
I'm too much of a word.
You know, how embarrassed I said all of this!
But I know that love is not about guilt or truth but a holiness.
I did not want to be like the moon that comes before sunset, because the light was fading and indicates that there is selfishness in it.
Let me be the month that will illuminate at night, in order to absorb sunlight and can calm everyone who saw it.
Let me be like a bird that can fly up hobbling due to wing I had not because the parent
Let me throw away all this love, because it is the past and the past is very much out of life, the past is dead.
After a few weeks I saw quite a drastic change, that's where I felt that I had to run by himself chasing a dream, that I must stand up with both legs that I had and walked resolutely to make choices. Options are myself and the people who love me firmly.
Someday, we will meet again with the future that we have set in today.
Sorry for all the sass me for this. Thank you, you have led me into a hope and perseverance meaningful.

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